Folding Gift Boxes


  • Once we have your specification pinned down we can work out a price for you. We understand that not everyone is a box expert, so If you need help with this then please get in touch and we can walk you through it.


  • European delivery within 4 weeks. Minimum order is 250 pcs.
  • Far East delivery within 16 weeks. Minimum order is 1,000 pcs.


  • We can make virtually any box size, within reason.

Our Folding Gift Boxes are an intelligent choice when considering shipping and storage costs. They are sleek and capable in their size, making them especially cost-effective. Our Folding Gift Boxes are fully customisable, in size and colour, allowing you to create the gift boxes you desire. Please note, the minimum order on our folding gift boxes stand at 1,000 units. Our average delivery time is 12 weeks.


  • Traditional 2 piece “lid & base” box.
  • Stylish “shoulder” box which features a narrow gap between the lid and base sections.
  • Classic “hinged lid” which is ideal for presenting larger products, we can even add a ribbon support.
  • Versatile magnetic “collapsable” box which offer the quality of a rigid box and the space saving advantages of a folding gift box.


  • We offer 350gsm quality art board.


  • If you have custom print colour(s) then all we require is the Pantone Ink Reference. The print colour(s) can then be applied as a logo, or to flood print the outside/inside of the box. At pricing stage all we need to know is the total number of colours.
  • It is common practice for boxes to be part of wider range of packaging items, and with this in mind you may want the colour of the box to match another item of packaging. To enable this colour match we would would require a sample, which would then be passed to our print team.
  • We also offer a range of metal foil prints that come in either a gloss or matt finish.
  • Before committing to any large scale production we recommend fully finished “pre-production” samples which will show how the print colours will look.


  • Our Rigid Gift Boxes can be wrapped in custom textured papers which are available in 76 stock patterns. These papers can then be printed and finished with either a lamination or sealer to lock in the inks.


  • E.V.A. Foam which can be moulded to fit custom products, for example Golf Balls.
  • Rigid Card cut to form either interior walls, or sections to display products.
  • Boxes can be fitted with either solid or Acrylic window sections depending on the level of product visibility required by you.