Laminated Non Woven Fabric Carrier Bags

Looking for a fabric bag but need to print a full-colour image? Then laminated non-woven fabric bags are the best option.

Looking for a fabric bag but need to print a full-colour image? Then we recommend the laminated non-woven fabric carrier bags as the best option!

We can print up to 8 eye-catching and vibrant colours and in stunning lithographic print quality, which is the best technique. Everything is made-to-order, so take advantage of your creative freedom and customize a modern design. Artwork should be provided in high-resolution files and images should be no less than 250 dpi. The quality of the files will be reflected in the end result.

All Marshall Packaging fabric carrier handles are cross stitched, which offers exceptional carry load capacity of up to 30 kg. They can also be fitted with a card base to give the bottom of the bag a nice finish.

Being friendly and durable, these laminated non-woven fabric carrier bags are also water resistant and easy to clean, so they can be used and reused several times with no worries. Suitable for gifts, promotion and packaging, you can use them for raising your brand’s awareness with full print coverage for your marketing messages. It is practical in any situation and the fact that it’s a custom-made bag makes it remarkable; you can reward your employees, partners, customers and suppliers. Moreover, you can reach new target groups of your business in professional fairs, product presentation or conferences; just insert some customized pens, notebook or advertising materials to make your business known and enjoy the high impact. A great accessory that gives you maximum visibility at a low price.

Order quantities start at 5,000 pcs with costs of approx. 40 pence per unit for a small to medium size laminated non-woven fabric carrier bag.

If you have more time to spare we also offer Far East production. Request a quote or call us now on 0843 289 1474.