Polythene Carrier & Mail Bags


  • Once we have your specification pinned down we can work out a price for you. We understand that not everyone is a carrier bag expert, so If you need help with this then please get in touch and we can walk you through it.


  • European delivery in 4 weeks. Our minimum order is 3,000 pcs.
  • Far East delivery is 12 weeks. Our minimum order is 5,000 pcs.


  • We offer a large range of stock sizes that will comfortably fit your products.  From small accessory sizes all the way up to a bag that will hold a boxed table lamp.

Our printed Polythene Carrier & Mail Bags ensure that your logo is carried far and wide thanks to this so-called mobile billboard. They offer durability, economy, and can be supplied in a variety of sizes with various handle options. All our bags are printed using water-based inks, with your logo colours printed to match.  The bags are fully re-cyclable, and in terms of cost effectiveness they are very hard to beat. We offer a range of handle options so you can give your carrier bags a more exclusive look.


  • We offer a range of plastic weights & material options.


  • Flexographic plate technology has made huge leaps forward, and this is reflected in our print quality.  Flexographic – 8 Colours/CMYK full colour.
  • For the “Rolls Royce” print quality we offer Rotogravure print. Rotogravure – 8 Colours/CMYK full colour  – Far East production only.


  • The handle style goes hand in hand with the perceived image, and cost of the Polythene Carrier Bag. We offer a range of handle options to cater this.
  • Patch handle.
  • Punched out handle.
  • Flexi-loop handle with turn-over top finish.
  • Turn-over top handle.
  • Duffle Style Rope handle.
  • Tri-Fold Plastic handle.
  • Mail Order Sacks with single or double glue strips fitted.


  • Gloss or matt lacquer to seal inks.
  • Metallic inks.
  • Bottom or side gusset.
  • Card base up to 1000gsm.